Aviation and Exploration #3: Sharing Aviation Stories

Whether you have been flying for years or have only taken a few flights, chances are you’ve had some stories that needed sharing with others. How do you share aviation stories? From sitting around with family and friends to talking to someone you have never met before in a pilot’s lounge at an unfamiliar airport, there are several ways you can share your stories.

Now you can share your favorite stories through Sadie and Buddy Aviation! To submit stories or aviation pictures first email them to buddyflightteam@gmail.com. After the story is looked over and approved you can post it to the new Sadie and Buddy Aviation page on Facebook or we can post it for you! We will also start a page on the blog called Pilot’s Lounge so that we can copy over the stories to this site so that members that do not have Facebook can still see your stories!  In your email make sure to include your name (just first name can be accepted) and email address. Your email will not be shared, it is simply a way to thank you for your time and support. Here is the link to the Facebook page, please check it out and like/share.


We look forward to seeing your stories, fly safe friends.





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