Sadie’s Science Corner #1: 50 Years with Star Trek

Most posts about historical facts go under Buddy’s section, but we decided it would be best to look at Star Trek from the scientific point of view. Today marks fifty years since Star Trek was aired for the first time, and people have been hooked ever since. The reason that we decided to write about Star Trek in the science section is because of the role that it played in the development of technology and its impact on scientific discovery since it began.


Source: TOS Opening Logo- Wikipedia


The Original Series set a precedent for all other shows that followed, whether science fiction or not. TOS pushed the boundaries of human achievement, thought, discovery, and relationships as human beings. While it became well loved and accepted by many while its three seasons were aired on NBC, it became extremely popular through re-runs years after the show ended. Star Trek became so popular that its fans began being called “Trekkies.” Many iconic pieces of TOS are still common knowledge with all, even people that do not necessarily like Star Trek, such as live long and prosper, the Vulcan salute, tribbles, and even the characterization of the Enterprise’s crew, like Shatner’s dramatic pause dialogues, Spock’s logic, and Dr. McCoy’s need to bicker with Spock and remind Jim that he was just a doctor, or that a red shirt WAS dead.  

On Thursdays, everything got done early. I made sure all of my homework and chores were finished so that I wouldn’t miss it (Star Trek TOS). I remember my father and I watching Kirk, Spock, and McCoy’s adventures every week; when Star Trek came on everything else had to wait.” -David Owens

Star Trek has helped inspire children and adults alike across the world to push the boundaries of exploration and achievement as a whole. There have been several spinoffs from The Original Series, including The Next Generation, The Animated Series, Deep Space 9, and many movies that have kept the dream of exploring our universe alive. Many of the inventions and far-fetched ideas at the time of Star Trek being aired was a fantasy, and yet now exist. Some of this product list could include the mobile phone (communicator, TOS), tablet/ iPad (data pad, TNG), and the virtual reality simulators (holodeck (TNG) and holographic displays (TOS)). As we look back on Star Trek we really see that it is a look ahead. Thanks to Gene Roddenberry and his ideas for a science fiction show thousands of children have grown up to become scientists and engineers, explorers and thrill seekers. Star Trek reminds us to be proud of who we are, instead of just complaining that something is wrong to actually fix it, and to expect more out of ourselves. We as humans are capable of such great achievements, and all you have to do to get involved is imagine. Yes you will run into problems that seem to have no possible way around (like the Corbomite Maneuver or the Kobiyashi Maru) but rather than give up keep with you in your thoughts the logic of Spock, the charisma and toughness of Kirk, the will and determination of Scotty, and the wit of Doctor McCoy. Push yourself to be greater, and you will always be an adventurer, push the boundaries of understanding, and you will go where no man has gone before.

Star Trek is my favorite franchise, and it has inspired me to push harder and compete to achieve, not just to get by.


Live Long and Prosper.

Sadie, Buddy, and Jared




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