Pre-Flight Check #3: Team Xipiter



Photo from Xipiter’s website (link below)

My first semester here at Mississippi State University has been full of surprises and excitement! Besides being constantly busy from classes and studying my computer decided it did not need to function any further and had to be sent for a refit from Hewlett Packard. Many of you may have guessed that something was amiss from the acute lack of posts and other projects, and I would like to apologize. Also I would like to include if you have a laptop with Windows 10 installed you should check out an upcoming article in Sadie’s Science Corner about a major malfunction that has to do with the pre-installed security software. Look for that article some time within the next week. Now, on to today’s Pre-Flight Check.


Beginning college I did not know what to expect as far as time and projects were concerned. By that I mean to say that I am an engineer at heart; in my free time I always have small projects going on, anything from building a model aircraft to something as simple as drawing. Since we are halfway through the first semester I assumed that by now I would be settled in as far as a normal routine and fun activities, but I have come to the realization that there is no such thing in life of a college student as a ‘normal schedule.’

I was still struggling to get into a semi-rigid routine, but up until a few weeks ago I still was unsure whether or not I even liked college because, to be honest, I was not enjoying having a different schedule each day. I recently discovered an engineering student organization here on campus called Xipiter, and it helped me see that college was not the problem, and that I had not settled in yet.


The fuselage of one of their aircraft being built

During high school I studied Engineering for two years at my county’s vocational-technical school, and I had gotten used to working on engineering projects every day. When I began college I quickly became bored from a lack of engineering challenges, and as I said before had began to not enjoy my time as a Freshman; but then I heard about Xipiter. As soon as I walked in I felt at home, as I saw airframes being worked on, programming being written, and a group of people who were united in their love of aviation and engineering. I saw people working with their hands, and having fun, and as soon as I saw that, I knew I was in the right place. Engineers love to design things, work with their hands, be part of an engineering team and share ideas with others.


Here a fiberglass shell is being made for one of the aircraft.

Xipiter UAS Integrated Products Team is Mississippi State University’s unmanned aircraft systems team that participates each year in the AUVSI Student UAS competition in Maryland. The competition consistently attracts the interest of industry-leading companies and officials within all branches of the military.

Unlike typical student design teams, our team is comprised of students in Aerospace Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science, representing a multi-disciplinary approach to the entire lifecycle—design, fabrication, operations, and sustainability—of its autonomous aircraft.”- About Us (Xipiter Website:

Through Team Xipiter there is so much to do besides just piloting the aircraft (as I would love to do). At our last meeting we got to see their foam cutting machine in action, people sanded on the finished fiberglass piece for the fuselage while some others lended helping hands on such things as working on airfoils and other equipment.

img_4713 img_4715


The finished product-fiberglass piece


Thanks to Team Xipiter I have gotten settled in finally, and am truly enjoying my time here. All of those things from high school that I had convinced myself I would not be able to find here I did find, and they were all found through this team. Xipiter helped me to finally know fully that I am meant to be here, and gave my reasoning for furthering my education a backup, reminding me my true purpose for becoming an Aerospace Engineer, to work on projects, designs, and test ideas that will push the boundaries of human flight. After all, it is just rocket science…


Please check out our friends over at  and take a look at some of the beautiful aircraft for sale across the nation. Also, please follow Sadie and Buddy Aviation on FaceBook, as we often share interesting pictures, articles, and links about aviation.

Thanks! Fly safe and have fun!!!


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