Pre-Flight Check #4: Our New Aviation Project- The FT Corsair

Editor’s Note: First of all I have good news, my laptop is finally back!!! Unfortunately this post will go up a little later than normal because I just made it back home for Fall Break.


Picture from the Flite Test Corsair Video


For a while now I have been wanting to get back into flying remote controlled aircraft. Throughout my childhood I loved flying models, but I have not had the time nor the opportunity these last few years. Since joining Xipiter I went ahead and bought a new model so that I could knock off some of the rust before I begin flying anything expensive. The aircraft kit and equipment should arrive by Friday and will be assembling it this weekend. I bought the Flite Test Mini Corsair (as seen above). The Corsair, as well as many of their other foamboard aircraft kits and plans are part of the Swappable Series; FT introduced the Swappable Series in order to cut down costs so that more people could get into the hobby. In these aircraft the electric powerplants can be taken out and swapped between different FT Swappable aircraft.

I want to share with all exactly what equipment we are starting out with as well as our experiences with the equipment later. We will be doing build videos as well as flying videos which will be posted in the weeks to come. Now we’ll take a look at the actual equipment that we are receiving.

  • FT Mini Corsair Speed Build Kit….. $21.00 ($18.00 if you go with the non-water resistant foamboard)
  • FT Power Pack F….. $60.00
  • Flysky FS-i6 2.4GHz Radio System….. $45.19
  • XT-30 800mAh 3S 20C Lipo Battery (2)….. $10.50 ea. ($21.00)
  • Accucell S-60 AC Charger….. $31.15
  • XT-30 Charge Lead w. 4mm. Banana Plugs….. $2.08
  • Total Cost….. ~$195.00 (including shipping)

For many that are wanting to get into the hobby, or those reentering after a dry-spell might be shocked at having to drop nearly $200 just to get started. Thankfully though it is not as bad a deal as it seems. While the overall setup costs a good bit at the front end, you come out better on the other side. Many of these, like the controller and charger are one-time buys (until one stops working or you upgrade). After that to get new aircraft off the assembly line and into the air is much more reasonable. With needed items such as the kit (FT offers the free plans for download online if you won’t mind cutting the plans yourself out of DTFB*), servos, and another receiver compatible with your radio each new aircraft’s production cost should come in somewhere below $50.00. Compare that to several hundred each for pre-made aircraft! I believe the FT foamboard designs also help inspire people’s creativity; you can customize your FT aircraft with paint schemes and modifications of your own that will give the model a personal spin.

I would encourage everyone to go check out the aircraft and other rc flying equipment available from Flite Test at

Later on this week we will post a list of the modifications we will be making to the kit as well as more in-depth coverage of our project.

Thanks for checking out this week’s blog! Want to see more aviation related articles or aircraft listings? Just head over to and check out some amazing aircraft and look at other aviator’s blogs.

*DTFB- Dollar Tree Foamboard: The type of foam material used in FT builds. It is sold in sheets and is readily available at local Dollar Trees and other convenience stores.


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