Badger Works Classified Project #1: FT Mini F4U Corsair

F4U Corsair Project

As many of you saw last week we had began building a Flite Test F4U Corsair, and have now finished the assembly! With some foamboard and a hot glue gun wonderful things can come into fruition. After traveling back to college last weekend after Fall Break I have been manufacturing and assembling many aircraft pieces… my dorm room looks like a foamboard assembly line! For any wanting to build one of these models I would recommend two things.

  1. Buy extra foamboard sheets– DTFB (Dollar Tree Foamboard) is readily available at local dollar stores and larger superstores. At Dollar Tree you can buy an entire sheet for a dollar! (As you can see in the picture below the entire tail assembly has been replaced because someone…. ok me, broke the water resistant tailplane included in the kit.
  2. Think creatively– The good thing about a foam aircraft, you can experiment! If something breaks or does not work, you can simply just cut out a new piece and try something else. Crash? Pull the broken pieces off and slap a new one on! Also, think about the paint scheme. Warbirds, for example, can be painted in many different ways and be customized for squadrons and even individual pilots.


    Once Sadie or Buddy breaks out the power painter she’ll be ready to tame the skies.

As for our aircraft, we have been researching what squadrons and aircraft carriers that would of had Corsairs with SB on the tail (Sadie and Buddy). From what we have found so far, aircraft with these makings would have been from VMF-516 from the escort carrier U.S.S. Salerno Bay. On October 5, Ask An Archivist Day, the National Naval Aviation Museum allowed followers on Facebook to ask questions about naval history. We asked about finding more information on the Salerno Bay, and we quickly heard from them!  They gave us the opportunity to get back with them and do some more research, and as soon as our research is completed we will share our findings with you.



  • Plastic Canopy– I cut the top off of a 20 oz. bottle and about halfway down, and then taped the canopy outline over the plastic. Using the natural curve of the bottle it was rolled and cut, and then held together with tape as the seams were hot glued. To make the seams appear cleaner, I will use acrylic paint to cover the glue lines, which will make them appear as the normal canopy lines of a Corsair.img_4809


Under- Wing Servos– The area to mount the aileron servos were on top of the wing and lessened the beauty of the inverted gull wing. In the kit there are four holes on each wing that you are supposed to cut between in order to create the cavity in which the servo mounted. I took a sewing needle and pushed it through the bottom part of the wing, and then cut out the square on the underside of the wing.


Want to see more aircraft blogs or a website where you can check out aircraft for sale? Head over to and check them out! Also, please follow our blog, and like and share on Facebook here at Thanks! Fly safe and have fun!!!


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