Badger Works #2: Opportunities Open Up When You Least Expect

**This article also falls under Sadie’s Science Corner and Pre-Flight Check because of the uniqueness of today’s content.**

Pre-Flight Check

While I cannot delve into much detail, I can say that I will be the academic instructor for the UAV/UAS Aerospace Academy Course through the Mississippi/Southeast Regional Civil Air Patrol. Throughout this three day course I will teach cadets and senior members alike on UAV/UAS aircraft and their capabilities, learn how they are built, and learn how to fly them.

Badger Works: UAV/UAS Training with the FT Guinea Pig


Guinea Pig from Flite Test

– My vision for aerospace education through the Civil Air Patrol (and other education) is based around experimentation and research with the Flite Test Guinea Pig. The Guinea Pig was designed by Peter Sripol and was later converted to a swappable aircraft by Flite Test. The Guinea Pig is a medium to large size twin engine cargo plane that is designed to be used for in-air experimentation, hence the name guinea pig. With this aircraft CAP squadrons throughout the Southeast will be able to learn how to fly as well as conduct field experiments. With the Guinea Pig people can now get hands-on and do research as well as learn how aircraft experimentation is conducted.



Sadie’s Science Corner: Experiments with the Guinea

We will be conducting several opening experiments during the academy and afterwards to see how feasible they are, and then we will branch out and eventually have an experiment manual in which will be available for download. These are a few of the first experiments we will conduct:

  • GoPro Cargo Drop- We will design a system in which the cargo deck in the Guinea will have tracks (like a real cargo plane for transporting and securing cargo) from which we can air drop and safely land a Go Pro with a parachute system.

    MC-130J Commando II activity

    Picture from Aviationist

  • JATO (Jet-Assisted TakeOff)- As seen on the Guinea review video from Flite Test, the Guinea can get JATO units using Estes rocket engines. We will do more research based around motor size as well as the angle of the motors.jato-guinea
  • Glider Tow- What I have in mind was a glider aircraft designed on Fly RC several years ago in which they designed a foamboard model of the Waco glider which was used during the invasion of Normandy. The plans are online for free download; they were originally designed for depron but can be easily transferred to DTFB (Dollar Tree Foam Board).


  • Experiments from Project FICON (see video)


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