Pre-Flight Check #5: Are You Overflying?


With many of us being in college now you may can relate, do you ever feel in your day to day life that you are overflying? Do you feel that the more control input you add the worse the situation gets? Here lately I have, and today the stall warning sounded. Last night I studied for six hours, but I still did horrible on the test today. Once the stall warning sounds, what do you do? The first thing to do is lower the angle of attack, or in my case to stop pushing the issue so hard. After you have recovered from the stall, what comes next? You must take a moment to survey the situation and see what went wrong.

It turns out I’ve been overflying my aircraft. We tend to get so caught up in our daily lives and we focus so much on our destination or goal that we lose control of our current situation. Another problem is focusing too much on your current situation to where you lose sight of your destination. In either situation you need to regain control and then look at your current situation to find out the best course of action. if you find yourself getting deeper and deeper into a bad situation because of incorrect input and it is too bad for you to make a difference, stop making the situation worse. Most aircraft will correct themselves if you let them, and too often do we find ourselves trying to over fly our situation thinking that we alone can fix the issue.

I will simply leave you with this for the week, do not focus too much on your situation or your destination all of the time, and every once and a while sit back and enjoy your time in the air. If you go your entire flight without the joy of being where you are, then what good was it? It is good to be excited about your destination, but remember to enjoy where you are as well.


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P.S. I am still doing ok in that class, just another example of the aircraft self-correcting, don’t overfly your situation guys. Thanks for reading!


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