Aviation and Exploration #6: The Holidays and Multirotor Safety

Turkey day has came and went. The Black Friday tramplings are over. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and soon Christmas morning will be upon us. For children it is especially amazing waking up and running to the Christmas tree to see what Santa and your family gave you in order to remember the birth of Christ. Today rather than gold frankincense and myrrh we receive things like a new laptop, a bicycle, and in some cases a multirotor or rc plane. Dun dun dun! Cries of safety concerns and newly implemented federal law looms over your Black Friday purchase or your new Christmas gift. So how do you salvage that new drone happiness and Yuletide joy? We’ll take a look today.

So you’ve just received a drone as a gift, so, what now? As a new pilot you need to know the law and safety concerns surrounding your first flight and all subsequent flights. First of all we will get the legalities cleared away. You as a model aircraft pilot and your aircraft will both need to be registered with the FAA. http://federaldroneregistration.com/ I would start with this link. It takes you directly to the FAA drone registration page and will outline everything you need to do in order to be able to fly legally. So what benefits does this provide for you as a new pilot? Absolutely nothing, except a bill! It will though keep you from being in legal trouble with flying, as you could face up to a $27,000 fine and possible jail time for flying without their license. The main problem this law was needed for was to make sure all new pilots received proper training, so what did the government do? Made it a money making venture and has yet to fix the problem. Now as a new pilot you get to pay them money and still have no more of an idea of how to fly a drone than when you started, plus you’re about $20 lighter. So what now? How do I learn to fly? So far this little tidbit of information has yet to even slip into the mind of the FAA, so for now you’ll have to rely on other pilots.

Next we will take a look at how to begin getting an idea for some proper training. First a video to get you started for multirotors.

Now we’ll take a look at a video for rc aircraft.

I would also recommend that you take a look at the rest of their beginner series as well as their main site, the links of which will both be added here:

Hopefully with these sites you will be able to begin to get an idea for how to fly. There are many good trainers out there for a low price with which you can practice on a laptop (that way the crashes aren’t so cringe worthy). Also check around YouTube and the internet for other informational how-tos as well as videos about the particular aircraft that you have. That way if there are any weird flight characteristics or tips about that airframe out there you can have more information before risking the wellbeing of your aircraft and others.


Want to see more aviation blogs? Head on over to https://www.globalair.com/ and check out the other blogs as well as some of those cool aircraft for sale! Fly safe and have fun!



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