Merry Christmas!!!

santaplaneSadie and Buddy wanted me to make sure to tell everyone Merry Christmas! Soon every child’s favorite aviator will take to the skies spreading gifts and holiday cheer as we celebrate the birth of Christ. That’s right, in just a few days jolly old Saint Nick will climb into the cockpit of his sleigh (Buddy believes it’s a 172, but Sadie is convinced it’s a model 182) and prepare for his journey. After the flight plans are drawn up and the elves make sure the cargo is prepared for takeoff, Kris Kringle will go over his preflight, make sure all of the motors (reindeer) are prepared for takeoff, and finalize his flight information.


This year the Civil Air Patrol is working with NORAD as they track the Big Man in Red’s journey across the globe. You can check out the write up and find information about listening in on the comms traffic between Santa, CAP, and NORAD here at


“We perform roughly 90% of all aerial search and rescue in the US so we looking forward to once again supporting NORAD — and Santa,” said Malcolm Kyser, CAP’s chief of communications.  “And we are very pleased this year to be able to provide the streaming audio of our Santa Track net, so the people around the world can hear our reports and catch all the excitement.”


Make sure to check out the write up, and feel free to follow along as they keep up with Santa’s Christmas run for 2016. From all of us here at Sadie and Buddy Aviation, have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Want to see more aviation related content? Head over to and check out the aircraft for sale and other aviation blogs. Fly safe and have fun!


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