Sadie’s Science Corner #4: Product Review for the DX-1 Micro Drone

This week we will be looking at and reviewing the Sharper Image DX-1 Micro Drone. For about $20 this drone can introduce you to flying multicopters; for a good price you can train on a tough miniature trainer. When I first began flying the DX-1 I bounced it off the concrete on the porch several times, with a few crashes going straight in, props first. With each crash I was afraid that I had broken one of the four props, but to my surprise I would pick up the small airframe to discover everything in perfect working order.


The DX-1 takes about twenty minutes to charge and can swing a short flight for about four to five minutes; with each flight you will learn something new about the flying experience and your aircraft. While a little tricky to trim, it is a good flying and stable platform for beginning to learn how multicopters fly and will awaken an excitement for a new look into the exciting world of aviation. Word to the wise, if you do fly outside make sure to watch your altitude; speaking by experience if you fly out of range it will continue to fly away until it meets with the local vegetation and trees. Also, if you fly indoors make sure that it is a larger room with nothing valuable or easily knocked over items. Overall the DX-1 is a useful and fun trainer and will provide for hours of operation and excitement.

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