A Look Back on Aviation in 2016

Welcome to 2017! As we look forward to our next revolution around the sun we take a look back on our previous experiences and strive to remember why it is we progress and move forward. 2016 was an excellent year for me. From graduating high school and beginning my Freshman year at Mississippi State University to being the head instructor for the Southeast Regional Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Academy’s UAV/UAS Course I had a full schedule. 2016 allowed me many opportunities and introduced me to many amazing people; while many complained that 2016 was awful I see it as one of my most memorable years.


The GA-8, which is manufactured in Australia

As far as my experiences in aviation is concerned 2016 was eventful and exciting. From taking my first flight and subsequent “O” Flights (Orientation Flights) to having the rare opportunity to fly the GA-8 I enjoyed my time in the air. As I stated before I had the opportunity to instruct the UAV/UAS Course for 2016’s Aero Academy and look forward to participating next year. Also in 2016 I became a recipient of the Calvin L. Carrithers Aviation Scholarship, which has given me many opportunities including being the author of this blog.


Our FT Guinea Pig we built at the 2016 Aero Academy

While we move forward into 2017 I hope that each of you prosper and can make memories while flying as well as throughout daily life. As aviation becomes more accessible and commonplace it also reminds all of us to strive for our ambitions, to reach for the stars if you will (double meaning intended). So in 2017 reach for the stars, further your education and become a master in your chosen field. Strive to bring forth advancement and discovery into industry and leave your mark on the new year!


Team XIPITER’s aircraft, of which I hope to pilot soon!

Want to see more aviation related content? Head on over to https://www.globalair.com/ and check out the other aviation blogs as well as the many aircraft for sale. Fly safe and have fun!


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