Moving Forward in Aviation for the Busy Student

I am often asked, as many of you probably wonder as well, when is Jared going to get back to doing real aviation? The answer, soon, but I’m not exactly sure when. Why? As many people learn after they begin college two things vital to aviation become scarce, time and money. The larger of these two being time, as fellow students know very well about all-nighters and little sleep. Paying for college as well as time itself causes our second reason. While you study and go to classes time that would normally be spent making money has suddenly become engulfed in study sessions, lectures and writing useless papers. As the old saying goes ‘someone can become a millionaire through aviation, they just had to be a billionaire first.’  While the costs surrounding aviation continue to diminish, it is still an expensive endeavor. Still many people ask ‘It can’t be that bad can it?’ Paying for the needed instruction in order to get your license isn’t like getting a driver’s license, you don’t go take a short test at the DMV, drive around the lot, and then pay them. Many hours need to be spent on the ground and in the air in preparation for the first time you take to the air solo. Besides the hours, the cost for a new pilot’s license will run you several thousand dollars.


So for the short answer to a long question, I want to be back in the air soon, but as far as getting my license I hope to put in the time and effort this upcoming summer. As I save money (I know, I know college will find a way to get it) and prepare to complete this I hope to learn many things and meet many new people. I hope to begin working on the ground school material a little earlier so that hopefully once summer comes I will be ready. If everything goes as planned I will be able to finish my license before next year, but you know how plans go.


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