Aviation and Exploration #7: Reflections of the Universe

On Tuesday night I attended the opening of the Out of this World Space Art and Astrophotography Exhibit which is in the Mitchell Memorial Library on MSU’s campus. The opening presentation was called Reflections of the Universe and was presented by space artist Edwin Faughn. Throughout this presentation we got to see some of his amazing artwork as well as some of the beautiful images he and fellow scientists had taken from various observatories.

Mr. Edwin Faughn

Some of my favorite images and paintings were renditions and shots from rovers of the planet Mars. Some of these paintings and pictures included meteor and asteroid strike zones as well as a canyon that dwarfs Earth’s Grand Canyon. One of the most interesting things that he pointed out was the fact that around large asteroid strike areas there were areas fanning out from the sites that appear to be old creek beds. Scientists believe these are caused by the frozen water beneath the surface of Mars being superheated due to the impact, which then creates short but powerful flash flooding away from the strike. Mars’ atmosphere is so thin that the water cannot exist on the surface for very long, but it does stick around enough to make impressions in the landscape that we can observe. I did not take any pictures (it was an art show) but I will provide some examples of his beautiful artwork below (these were part of his presentation).











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