Buddy’s Aviation History Blog #4: Looking back on October Sky

Yesterday evening I was thinking back to when I used to shoot Estes rockets in the backyard, and I got to thinking about the movie October Sky. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it is a movie based on the teenage years of Homer Hickam Jr. (former NASA engineer) and his passion for rocketry. Together he and his friends build model rockets (some of which get them in trouble) and go on to win the national science fair, where Homer shakes the hand of his favorite scientist Wernher von Braun without realizing who he was. This movie inspired me when I was younger, and it had been several years since I had seen it; I am glad that I decided to watch it.

Photo from IMDb

Photo from IMDb



Good Aspects of the Movie

1.) It is a true story (you don’t see that in many movies, and when you do the truth is usually stretched)

2.) He went on to become a NASA engineer and served in the Vietnam War (accomplished his dreams)

3.) It reminds us the importance of encouraging young people to pursue their dreams no matter how far fetched they may seem at the time

4.) It shows young adults that their dreams are possible IF they put in the work

5.) It shows how far NASA and science have come even since the 50s (movie setting in late 50s)


Things that Could Have Been Improved

1.)  The teenagers accents seemed unrefined/overdone

2.) It would have been cool to see some more of his work at NASA after the movie


Overall I would say October Sky is a great movie, and all prospective aerospace engineers should watch it. It shows many good qualities including perseverance, determination, and friendship. Check out the movie, an you’ll be surprised. The movie was released in 1999 and is rated PG.


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