Opportunities and Who You Are

First of all I apologize for missing last week, as I came down with the flu. Last Tuesday, however, I had one of the biggest opportunities so far in my career. The previous night I attended a seminar given by Gulfstream about possible co-op positions. We were allowed to turn in resumes if we wanted, and were told to keep our phones on that night just incase we were of the few they wanted to interview. At 10 pm my phone rang, and I had an interview with Gulfstream, an industry leader in the private aviation world! On Tuesday came my interview, and although being nervous I feel as if I did all I could. Unfortunately a few days later I received an email saying that I had not been picked, and the next day I had gotten sick. ‘Nothing’s been going for me’ I thought, and on top of piling up work and not wanting to fall behind I found myself questioning why I was putting myself through all of this. Most people don’t like school work to begin with, much less adding on being sick, and I will admit I was really hating school. As I have began to get better and get my work caught up (mostly haha it never ends) I was able to realize that I was beginning to see the truth, I didn’t like it because I was sick and tired of it (literally and figuratively). This wasn’t about school it was about my own performance, and not getting that job had in a way discouraged me, and being sick for a week didn’t help. During a few day’s recovery I was able to sit back and realize I wasn’t tired of school, it was the same as it had been and I was the same that I had been. So what if I hadn’t of gotten the co-op, I was still me, and aviation, and school (no matter how much things make me dislike it) still mattered. People will always associate me with flying, and it will always be who I am. I was reminded of this when friends sent me pictures of airplanes they saw during their day without me even having to ask. People knew aviation would cheer me up, and that it would bring me back to focus.


C-17s fly all around my hometown, and my Dad sent me this picture one evening.


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