Sadie’s Science Corner #5: Spring and Flying

Spring Break is nearly upon us, and the weather’s looking great! I cannot wait to get outdoors and have some fun in the spring air. Over spring break I hope to work on some of my model aircraft and hopefully get one in the air (that is if the wind ever lays down). I love spring, and it is a great time for aviation. Keep a lookout for any airshows in your area, as I would recommend everyone going to a spring show, or even a local fly-in. For larger airshows you can check the Thunderbirds’ and Blue Angels’ schedules, available online (links below).

Thunderbirds Air Show Schedule 2017:

Blue Angels Air Show Schedule 2017:


So far it looks to be a fun packed year for airshows across the country! Also, if you are into model aircraft airshows there are many throughout the nation, including the famous Joe Nall and the up-and-coming Flite Fest. Finally, with better weather comes more aviation related crashes, so if you are flying, make sure to enjoy the view but also keep in mind situational awareness. Whether full scale or model flying, safety is the number one concern on everyone’s list, so just keep a level head and fly safe. Sometimes pilots in good weather conditions focus too much on the scenery and too little on their plane, which can become a bad situation, even with models.


Want to see more aviation related content? Head on over to and check out the aviation blogs as well as some of the many beautiful aircraft for sale. Fly safe and have fun!


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