A&E #9: Buzz is back at it!

As many of you have probably already seen, former astronaut and Air Force retiree Buzz Aldrin flew with the Thunderbirds on April 2. This sortee makes him the oldest person to hitch a ride with the Air Force’s flight demonstration team.

Photo from The Drive

Check out The Drive’s story on Buzz’s flight here at http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/8882/buzz-aldrin-blasts-off-with-the-usaf-thunderbirds-for-a-record-flight I am glad to see that Buzz is still doing what he loves to do; it would be one of the coolest things on Earth to be a Thunderbird, but to get to be the Thunderbird who flies around with Buzz Aldrin! Every young aviator’s dream would be to meet someone like Buzz, and to get to fly him around over Launchpad 39A and the Cape would be one of the greatest privileges. Buzz keeps busy constantly, as he is now working to inspire people and raise interest on going to Mars. I would recommend that you follow Buzz on Facebook, as he and others post nearly every day on what he has going on. This man never rests it seems like, and at 87 years old he is still going strong. His history is strong, including being a fighter pilot, the second man on the moon, and many other accomplishments, and through his recent escapades he shows that his history is going to keep expanding. Could he become the oldest person to travel to Mars? Time will only tell, and if he puts his mind to it, who’ll tell him no?

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