A&E #10: The United Debacle

Rule #1 about United Fight Club: Don’t talk about United Fight Club.

As I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about, the United debacle, I will move ahead with this. First of all, how did any of the United employees involved in this situation allow it to happen? I believe that it was bound to happen eventually, as the company’s bad business practices have been flawed for years. The company, as many other airlines, has made a bad habit of overbooking flights. What adds to the problem is how the company prioritizes employee traveling, specifically their handling of how they solve the overbooking. Rather than ask if anyone can wait until the next flight or better yet making the employees take another flight, they decide to ‘voluntarily’ force paying customers off of the flight.


Note: I waited until the end of the week to post this because of the nature of the content. As this story is already confusing, there has to be a deeper story, so therefore I am withholding more insight until the time when more information has been brought to life.


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