A&E #11: North Korea’s Paper Tigers?

As many uninformed people are running around afraid of WWIII starting, those of us who remain informed know that North Korea would stand no chance in a war with the U.S., but just how weak are they? Last Friday Kim Jong-un held a parade in honor of his grandfather; in the parade were some of the North’s truck mounted missiles on display for the world to see, but what the world saw wasn’t on Kim Jong’s mind. Many of the rockets appear to be poorly constructed and cheap, as if they were fake stand-ins to make their arsenal appear larger. One picture that has many believing these rockets are fake or cheap mockups came from a BBC broadcast covering the parade. See for yourself and decide.

Photo from metro.co.uk Notice anything weird about the nosecones on that rocket’s booster???

Apparently Kim has been playing too much Kerbal Space Program and feels like a real rocket scientist, yet the nosecones were still put on wrong. As the number of Jong’s rocket testing grows so does the stockpiles of the local junk metal businesses; as some are afraid of the North Korean’s capabilities those of us who pay attention know that the people in the biggest danger are the ones near their launch facilities. We have yet to hear anything from the high-ups at Estes, but we are sure to hear soon that they can confirm launching rockets higher than Kim Jong’s Inter-County Ballistic Missiles. Jong is predicted to be taking the advice of a coyote and buying all of his supplies from a company called ACME.

In all seriousness no one wants to have another Korean War, but rest assured Kim Jong-un’s paper tigers are no threat to the United States. Even if he did have a successful launch it would have to fly over or near our ally Japan, who have vowed to shoot down anything Kim launches (if it doesn’t self-destruct first). If Japan could not shoot the rocket down we have systems in place to make sure that no missiles could hit the US, ensuring our safety and a swift end to an unnecessary war.

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