A&E #13: Preparing for Summer!

As finals come to a close across the US, we turn to face a new summer, one free of tests and class schedules. My first aviation project for this summer is to finish putting together my Flite Test Guinea Pig rc aircraft. All of the electronics have been ordered, the structure is nearly completed, and the paint scheme is beginning to get done. I will be working on it all weekend, but come Monday she will be airworthy. This aircraft will be used in Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education nights as well as many other roles.

The paint scheme for the Guinea was supposed to be a chrome bare-metal look, but with one coat on it appears more like the gray paint scheme of a C-130 Hercules. Once fully coated I may see about adding some finishes to it in order to make the paint reflective. The electronics have been ordered on Amazon Prime and should arrive Thursday and Friday (I forgot a few things I had to order later), so installation should be taken care of over the weekend. I have spent today and will continue tomorrow the finishing touches for the structural parts. I still have to cut out the vertical stabilizer and the top of the cockpit, and then on to paint. The best part about the aircraft being made of dollar tree foam is that even if you lawn dart it you can just cut out some new pieces, put them together, and get right back to flying.

Want to see more aviation related content? Head on over to https://www.globalair.com/ and check out some of the beautiful aircraft for sale as well as other aviation blogs. Fly safe and have fun!


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