A&E #14: Wallops Launch Cancelled Again

If you have yet to hear about the rocket launch scheduled at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility, you have not missed anything yet. For a third time NASA’s launch designed to study clouds has been scrubbed. The sounding rocket used in the experiment will carry a payload into the atmosphere and release colorized clouds in order for scientists to study how clouds behave, but the reason behind the mission being scrubbed numerous times may surprise. Clouds. Yes that is right, real clouds have put off the mission to make fake clouds. It is as if mother nature is trying to show us that we do not need to do things solely on our own, and to use nature to our advantage.

Possible reschedule dates could look for a launch window anywhere from Thursday to next Monday, weather permitting. For updates and information check out the Wallops Flight Facility page here https://www.nasa.gov/centers/wallops/home.


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