Dogfights: KSP Episode 1 Coming Friday!

If you or a loved one has suffered from the shear excitement and intrigue of watching Dogfights on the History Channel years ago then you may be qualified for compensation on your withdrawals from this programming. Yes, that’s right folks we are remaking some of the old Dogfights videos with a look at them through Kerbal Space Program, and also want to continue the series by recreating yet to be covered aerial battles. I am sure the History Channel would not mind us recreating the episodes in KSP because we do not profit from it, it is educational, as well as for the fact that more people could become interested in the series and buy the original episodes from History (I will post a link if I find one). Here are a few pictures from our episode one, recreating the episode Hell Over Hanoi, where Air Force F-4 Phantoms came head to head with North Vietnamese Mig 21’s.


Mig 21’s high above the jungles of Vietnam

F-4 Phantom thundering toward Hanoi

A dogfight ensues right at dusk

Hell Over Hanoi (Episode 1) will be posted here on the blog on Friday evening. Fly safe and have fun!



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