S&B Aviation to Stay and Flying with a Friend

After going through everything to transfer the blog over to our new domain, I have decided that it will be easier to leave the blog where it is, and to link each new blog on the new website. While all of the old blogs would be transferred over, all of the blog styles and media would of had to be redone, so we’re staying where we are!

Thursday afternoon I went flying with my best friend. The sky had looked hazy all day, and we arrived at the airport around 4 o’clock. About the time we arrived most of the lower clouds had dissipated, and after our pre-flight the weather read clear up to 6,500 feet.


Once we took off the weather turned out beautifully, and made for a great flight. My friend recently got his private, and soon I should be able to begin working on my license, and more than likely in this same aircraft. His instructor is highly recommended, and several of my friends have trained under him. Once I begin taking lessons I will begin a blog series on my journey to being a private pilot. As you can tell from the photo below, this time of year is beautiful, and I recommend if you have an opportunity to check out your local area from the sky to take it, because it will give you an entirely different view on where you live.


Fly safe and have fun!


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