A&E #19: First Flights with Host Neil Armstrong

If watching a TV series about airplanes isn’t interesting enough, how about one hosted by the first man to walk on the moon? Recently I was searching the internet for a show produced by A&E, and found a list of all shows they had ever published. I immediately noticed a series that I had never heard of, because I know I would have checked it out sooner if I had of. It is called First Flights with Neil Armstrong as its host. The series ran on A&E from 1991-1993, and consisted of 39 episodes. Each show is usually twenty-five minutes long, and covers first flights, achievements, and breakthroughs in early aviation.

So far my family and I have watched the first three episodes, and have loved them. If you have Amazon Prime you get Amazon Video included, and the entire series is available for viewing. I have had Prime for about a year and never really messed with Amazon Video, but now I wish I had of sooner. The link to this amazing series is listed here:



I hope that each of you enjoy the series as much as I am, and we would love to hear your thoughts on the show. If you saw the series when it aired or are watching on Amazon as I am, please email us your opinion and thoughts to sadieandbuddyaviation@gmail.com

In conclusion, on Monday the 15th. the second episode of Hangar Talk will be released. We hope you’ll enjoy it, fly safe and have fun!


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