About the Author

IMG_3159My name is Jared Martin, and I want to share my love of aviation with the world. I am a student at the University  of Southern Mississippi studying Computer Engineering, and I plan on dual-enrolling in Aeronautical Engineering further on. I am a current Civil Air Patrol member, and have enjoyed the experiences it has given me in aviation and leadership opportunities. I enjoy flying, building model rockets and remote control aircraft, as well as introducing others to flight.

Sadie and Buddy are two of my loving pets. With Buddy’s Aviation History log you will get a look into historical occasions that have changed aviation and exploration. Also, in Sadie’s Science Corner, check out some of the latest scientific discoveries and advancements in aviation and aerospace.

Here at Sadie and Buddy Aviation we aim to give readers weekly updates in the world of aviation as well as give you an opportunity to follow along with my journey in the world of aviation. We will also feature stories about important events and special articles outside from our regular schedule. New blogs will be uploaded each Wednesday afternoon, and we hope to expand to include video reports posted each week on YouTube in the near future. If you would like to see any special content or have an idea for a blog or video, please contact me personally at sadieandbuddyaviation@gmail.com.