A&E #15: Tensions Rise in Middle East

As many of us focus on the tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico, a different storm is brewing in the Middle East. First, a U.S. Navy F-18 shot down a Syrian SU-22 caught attacking U.S. backed anti-ISIS troops (https://theaviationist.com/2017/06/19/u-s-navy-fa-18e-super-hornet-downs-syrian-su-22-near-raqqa-syria-and-here-is-everything-we-know/ ).  A statement from Russia was released that U.S. aircraft would be targeted in certain areas(https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/19/world/middleeast/russia-syria.html ). A few days ago an Air Force F-15 shot down an Iranian made drone (http://www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/a27001/syria-iran-drone-shaheed-129/ ). Next a Russian fighter jet came within five feet of a U.S. RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft (http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/06/20/breaking-news-armed-russian-jet-comes-within-5-feet-us-recon-jet.html ). The latest story having broken in the area included a Russian SU-27 “Flanker” coming within 2 meters of a Swedish Air Force S102B spyplane (https://theaviationist.com/2017/06/21/sweden-protests-as-russian-fighter-buzzes-swedish-spyplane-over-the-baltic-sea/).  The tension surrounding the Middle East and U.S./Russia relations is rising, and there seems to be little relief in sight.

So, what brought this tension on? Both Russia and the U.S. obviously want to defeat ISIS, but all of a sudden tensions between the two countries have seemingly exploded. It is simple what brought this around, the mainstream media and the Democratic party as a whole. Because Trump won the 2016 election and they did not like him they have been pushing for months the fake Russia collusion stories and have been making it seem as if Russia was the worst country ever. With no regard of the truth or worrying about angering Russia the Democratic party has portrayed today’s Russia as the former Soviet Union, and have made up stories about Russia working with Trump for heinous crimes. Rather than allow his administration a chance to succeed the liberal media would rather start WWIII between us and Russia. One thing they want to point out is how Trump wants to be in good relations with Russia, and anyone with any inkling of common sense would realize the two most powerful countries on earth getting along is a good thing, but there again Hillary nor Bernie won, so since they didn’t get their way they want to make everyone else pay. Hopefully within the next few days President Trump can get with Russian leaders and straighten this situation out so that we can remain at peace, and as for the liberal mainstream media they should realize that Trump is still going to be President and that making Russia angry will do no good.


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A&E #14: Wallops Launch Cancelled Again

If you have yet to hear about the rocket launch scheduled at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility, you have not missed anything yet. For a third time NASA’s launch designed to study clouds has been scrubbed. The sounding rocket used in the experiment will carry a payload into the atmosphere and release colorized clouds in order for scientists to study how clouds behave, but the reason behind the mission being scrubbed numerous times may surprise. Clouds. Yes that is right, real clouds have put off the mission to make fake clouds. It is as if mother nature is trying to show us that we do not need to do things solely on our own, and to use nature to our advantage.

Possible reschedule dates could look for a launch window anywhere from Thursday to next Monday, weather permitting. For updates and information check out the Wallops Flight Facility page here https://www.nasa.gov/centers/wallops/home.


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S&B Update Video and a New Historical Aircraft in KSP: The Grumman Goose

Hey guys, as I mention in the video below I apologize for not having a blog up the last few weeks, I have been busy! I hope you enjoy this video about the Grumman Goose and we will be back next week with a full article ready. Remember to check out what our friends over at https://www.globalair.com/ are up to as well as the beautiful aircraft for sale. Fly safe and have fun!

A&E #13: Preparing for Summer!

As finals come to a close across the US, we turn to face a new summer, one free of tests and class schedules. My first aviation project for this summer is to finish putting together my Flite Test Guinea Pig rc aircraft. All of the electronics have been ordered, the structure is nearly completed, and the paint scheme is beginning to get done. I will be working on it all weekend, but come Monday she will be airworthy. This aircraft will be used in Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education nights as well as many other roles.

The paint scheme for the Guinea was supposed to be a chrome bare-metal look, but with one coat on it appears more like the gray paint scheme of a C-130 Hercules. Once fully coated I may see about adding some finishes to it in order to make the paint reflective. The electronics have been ordered on Amazon Prime and should arrive Thursday and Friday (I forgot a few things I had to order later), so installation should be taken care of over the weekend. I have spent today and will continue tomorrow the finishing touches for the structural parts. I still have to cut out the vertical stabilizer and the top of the cockpit, and then on to paint. The best part about the aircraft being made of dollar tree foam is that even if you lawn dart it you can just cut out some new pieces, put them together, and get right back to flying.

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A&E #12 : May the 4th. Be With You- A Look At Aviation and Aerospace in Star Wars

First off I would like to apologize for this being a day later than normal, yesterday I was moving out of my dorm for the summer. Today is May 4, also known as Star Wars Day. ‘May the 4th. be with you’ has been shared millions of times across social media today, so to go along with the theme we will be looking at some of the many ships and flying craft from Star Wars.




T-65 X-Wing

The X-Wing is a Starfighter used by the Rebellion. It carries a pilot and has an external port for an astromech droid. The X-Wing first appeared in A New Hope, released in 1977.





Munificent Class Star Frigate

The Munificent Class frigate is a large frigate used by the Seperatists. Ships such as these were seen primarily in The Clone Wars animated series.





Venator Class Star Destroyer

The Star Destroyer is a large capital ship whose design has been used by many groups in Star Wars. Many of these ships are often spotted around yet-to-be-blown-up Death Stars.





Executer Class Super Star Destroyer (Dreadnought)

While many ships in the genre are all called super star destroyers, the Executer Class is the most well known. The most famous of these ships was known as the Arc Hammer.





Whether as small as a car or as big as a city, ships in Star Wars are all elegantly designed, and focus on being sleek and aerodynamic, even though ships in the vacuum of space don’t need to worry about too much about aerodynamics (perhaps they do when going through hyperspace, who knows?). Since its first movie’s release in 1977 Star Wars has been inspiring people about Aerospace Engineering, and will continue to do so for years to come.

All of the pictures used in today’s article are directly from my own Kerbal Space Program gameplay. If you would like to see more models from KSP whether from a mod or made by me please comment below.

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The Calvin L. Carrithers Aviation Scholarship

Do you love aviation (if not you’re probably lost on the internet)? Are you about to start/are already in college? Like scholarships? If you answered yes to all then the Calvin L. Carrithers Aviation Scholarship is for you! What are the requirements if you win the scholarship? You must have a major dealing with aviation in some way.

So Jared, what do I do if I receive the scholarship? Glad you asked, just blog once per week about your current experiences in aviation or aviation related news and content. Each entry must be between 200 and 500 words minimum, and you decide what to write about.

This past year I was lucky enough to be one of the four recipients for the scholarship, and I have to say it helped out tremendously. I would like to thank GlobalAir.com as well as the Carrithers for selecting me and my fellow recipients, as well as our curator Miss Lydia Wiff. I have learned a great deal this year through my blog, and it has helped me do better on term papers (what joy huh?). All joking aside this process truly has helped my writing, made writing enjoyable, and helped me have the confidence to reach out in new ways to expand my presence in the aviation community. If you would like to apply for this amazing scholarship go to https://www.globalair.com/scholarships/


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A&E #11: North Korea’s Paper Tigers?

As many uninformed people are running around afraid of WWIII starting, those of us who remain informed know that North Korea would stand no chance in a war with the U.S., but just how weak are they? Last Friday Kim Jong-un held a parade in honor of his grandfather; in the parade were some of the North’s truck mounted missiles on display for the world to see, but what the world saw wasn’t on Kim Jong’s mind. Many of the rockets appear to be poorly constructed and cheap, as if they were fake stand-ins to make their arsenal appear larger. One picture that has many believing these rockets are fake or cheap mockups came from a BBC broadcast covering the parade. See for yourself and decide.

Photo from metro.co.uk Notice anything weird about the nosecones on that rocket’s booster???

Apparently Kim has been playing too much Kerbal Space Program and feels like a real rocket scientist, yet the nosecones were still put on wrong. As the number of Jong’s rocket testing grows so does the stockpiles of the local junk metal businesses; as some are afraid of the North Korean’s capabilities those of us who pay attention know that the people in the biggest danger are the ones near their launch facilities. We have yet to hear anything from the high-ups at Estes, but we are sure to hear soon that they can confirm launching rockets higher than Kim Jong’s Inter-County Ballistic Missiles. Jong is predicted to be taking the advice of a coyote and buying all of his supplies from a company called ACME.

In all seriousness no one wants to have another Korean War, but rest assured Kim Jong-un’s paper tigers are no threat to the United States. Even if he did have a successful launch it would have to fly over or near our ally Japan, who have vowed to shoot down anything Kim launches (if it doesn’t self-destruct first). If Japan could not shoot the rocket down we have systems in place to make sure that no missiles could hit the US, ensuring our safety and a swift end to an unnecessary war.

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A&E #10: The United Debacle

Rule #1 about United Fight Club: Don’t talk about United Fight Club.

As I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about, the United debacle, I will move ahead with this. First of all, how did any of the United employees involved in this situation allow it to happen? I believe that it was bound to happen eventually, as the company’s bad business practices have been flawed for years. The company, as many other airlines, has made a bad habit of overbooking flights. What adds to the problem is how the company prioritizes employee traveling, specifically their handling of how they solve the overbooking. Rather than ask if anyone can wait until the next flight or better yet making the employees take another flight, they decide to ‘voluntarily’ force paying customers off of the flight.


Note: I waited until the end of the week to post this because of the nature of the content. As this story is already confusing, there has to be a deeper story, so therefore I am withholding more insight until the time when more information has been brought to life.


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A&E #9: Buzz is back at it!

As many of you have probably already seen, former astronaut and Air Force retiree Buzz Aldrin flew with the Thunderbirds on April 2. This sortee makes him the oldest person to hitch a ride with the Air Force’s flight demonstration team.

Photo from The Drive

Check out The Drive’s story on Buzz’s flight here at http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/8882/buzz-aldrin-blasts-off-with-the-usaf-thunderbirds-for-a-record-flight I am glad to see that Buzz is still doing what he loves to do; it would be one of the coolest things on Earth to be a Thunderbird, but to get to be the Thunderbird who flies around with Buzz Aldrin! Every young aviator’s dream would be to meet someone like Buzz, and to get to fly him around over Launchpad 39A and the Cape would be one of the greatest privileges. Buzz keeps busy constantly, as he is now working to inspire people and raise interest on going to Mars. I would recommend that you follow Buzz on Facebook, as he and others post nearly every day on what he has going on. This man never rests it seems like, and at 87 years old he is still going strong. His history is strong, including being a fighter pilot, the second man on the moon, and many other accomplishments, and through his recent escapades he shows that his history is going to keep expanding. Could he become the oldest person to travel to Mars? Time will only tell, and if he puts his mind to it, who’ll tell him no?

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Aviation and Exploration #8: Circular Runways- Gained Development or Wasted Research

Over the past week there has been much talk surrounding circular runways. If you have yet to see about this, here is the link: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-39284294  . This video was published by BBC several days ago, and many people have been talking about it, but why? As soon as I saw it the only thing that popped into my mind was the difficulties this would bring to aviation.

Photo from YouTube

I immediately began to question the authenticity of the video and the research it was covering when one of the first claims was that circular runways will be greener and less noisy. Obviously whoever was behind the video has nothing to do with aviation, as the ‘aircraft are noisy’ concern is sure to get you into an argument with some pilots. People build their home right beside an airport and then try to have it shut down (as seen in Santa Monica), because apparently commercial travel and business commerce are less important than a bloke who bought useless real estate. Also, how would landing on a crooked hill while turning be greener? Nowadays if you slap on a label for something and claim it is green or will help the environment people immediately accept the product as is, no questions asked. This is what they are attempting to do here, say it’ll be greener and the uninformed populous will swallow it hook, line, and sinker. It takes much more than giving your idea the hipster seal of approval in order to convince the aviation community, because we know what works. Things may look good on paper in a liberal arts classroom in the Netherlands, but that doesn’t mean it will work in real life. The video shows Henk Hesselink, the man behind this theory, as he attempts to explain how his years of ‘research’ might be used. Included in this rigmarole is a quick shot of he and a few other colleagues ‘hard at work’  messing about with a cheeky little flight simulator, and one major red flag is immediately raised in my head. Why didn’t they show any shots of pilots attempting to land on this new runway? After rolling through a few shots from the flight sim cockpit which show pixelated rolling hills and quaint little blocky fields, they began giving more propaganda as words over the shots; not once is a landing shown. This immediately tells to me either a.) it is too difficult to land on a NASCAR-like runway OR b.) using the graphics of a Nintendo 64 on their simulator wasn’t good enough for actual data and they spent all their money on a big arcade game (meaning that for those years of research they’ve been loafing around and getting paid for it). Also, using a simulator is fine and good, but it cannot accurately simulate every eventuality of a real cockpit, meaning everything on this project up to this point has been guesswork (reminds you of grade school science fair doesn’t it). All of this, and we haven’t even gotten to the real problems.

As far as how practical a circular runway could be, it doesn’t look promising. Imagine this: you are now on approach, it is getting dark so you head toward a mothership of landing lights, trying to figure out which one you should pick to land by (they’re all the same it’s hard to tell where each marker is for your hunk of the runway (they want to land three at a time, so make sure not to land on anyone)). After choosing what part of the mothership you wish to land on you set up an approach that looks like Burt Reynolds landing in the street while drunk in The Cannonball Run. After the Cannonball theme song runs through your head for a while you remember you have to land on a banking runway as if you are Dale Earnhardt driving in a race. While landing on the slope you get a short crosswind burst and prepare to say goodbye to the inboard wing (happens in Kerbal Space Program all the time, no big deal). Even if you do manage to set it down hopefully the side-loading on the gear don’t snap them off. After they break like toothpicks you can come skidding down the embankment like you’re in the ‘Big One’ at Daytona and end up wingless and gearless in the infield. Look on the bright side, while the mothership crew is hosing your plane down with foam to make sure it doesn’t burst into flames atleast you’ll get to use the slide.

I know, I know. It’s satire. But you understand my point, just because the idea can be talked up and has a sticker placed on it saying eco-friendly doesn’t mean it’s automatically a revolutionarily good idea. Here’s another link, http://www.avgeekery.com/dont-be-fooled-10-reasons-why-circular-runways-are-a-bad-idea/ it’s Avgeekery’s thoughts on the matter; check it out they go in-depth into some of the real mechanical issues surrounding landing on the Daytona International Mothership, or whatever they will end up calling it.


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